Why Take Garbage to the Abbotsford Transfer Station?

14 Nov 2019 Waste Disposal

If you have a load of trash that you need to dispose of, the Abbotsford transfer station is an excellent place to dump it. There are many great reasons to take garbage to the Abbotsford transfer station and, at First Class Waste, we are committed to maintaining an environmentally friendly facility by properly sorting waste and sending it to the right facilities for disposal.

What is a Waste Transfer Station?

A waste transfer station is a facility that allows people to safely dispose of waste at a temporary dumping site. From there, the garbage can be sorted to ensure that materials go to the proper processing facilities for recyclables, organics, and common trash. Garbage trucks typically use these stations to dump loads before sending them to larger facilities.

Reasons to Use the Abbotsford Transfer Station

The Abbotsford transfer station is a great place to dump loads and be sure that they will be properly disposed of. While many other facilities will just allow garbage to flow together into a landfill and do damage to the environment, a transfer station ensures that all refuse is sorted before going to the necessary final disposal destination. This makes the Abbotsford transfer station a great guilt-free way to get rid of garbage.

Transfer stations are also exceptionally easy to use. At the Abbotsford transfer station, responsibly disposing of your garbage is as easy as rolling up to the station, unloading your garbage, and driving away. Onsite staff will be able to instruct you on where to dump your load based on what it is comprised of in order to best sort it.

What Can I Bring to the Abbotsford Transfer Station?

You can dispose of a wide variety of materials at the Abbotsford transfer station. Almost all organic materials are welcome, including plants and wood products, food scraps, and paper products. This means that the transfer station is an excellent depository for restaurants, breweries, wineries, and landscapers. Most recyclable products are also accepted; however, hazardous materials, building materials, and select recyclables are not accepted, so make sure that you inspect the list of acceptable recyclables before making a trip to the station.

If you have any other questions about why you should take garbage to the Abbotsford transfer station, or if you are interested in any of our other bin rentals or waste pick-up services, please contact First Class Waste at 604-823-2116 or fill out a contact form on our website and we will get back to you.