Why to Choose an OilChef for Your Restaurant

13 Jul 2021 Restaurant Equipment

If your restaurant specializes in or offers a selection of deep-fried foods, you likely know how expensive cooking oil can be. Most restaurants utilize conventional frying methods and equipment, resulting in excessive oil use, increased costs, and heavier environmental impact. If you are looking to save money on cooking oil while increasing the quality of your food, look no further than an OilChef system from Raimac Industries. The OilChef is a small catalytic converter that is compatible with nearly any type of fryer and can be installed in 3 seconds without any special tools. As leading providers of the OilChef system and other quality restaurant equipment, the team at Raimac Industries has compiled a list of reasons why to choose an OilChef for your restaurant.

Benefits of an OilChef System

The OilChef system offers the following benefits for all restaurants that serve deep-fried food:

Reduced Costs

The OilChef system is designed to enhance heat conductivity for oil, allowing it to cook food in less time at a lower temperature. This results in longer oil life and fewer fryer oil changes, reducing your oil costs and labour costs. Whether you are using oil, shortening, or animal fat, the OilChef can reduce your oil costs by 35% – 75% over the course of a year.

Better Food Quality

By installing an OilChef in your deep fryer, you are instantly improving the quality of your fried food. Oil is more effectively repelled from the food during the cooking process, resulting in several benefits. Each item will be less oily, crispier, and have a more natural colour, enhancing its appeal, taste, and texture. Food cooked with an OilChef will also stay fresh for longer, making it a great choice for takeout and delivery.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Oil disposal is a high-impact area for most restaurants that is often overlooked. By using an OilChef, restaurants consume less oil throughout the year, reducing the number of oil drums and cardboard boxes used. The OilChef also reduces the heat requirements while cooking, saving power consumption and further reducing your carbon footprint.

Increased Food Sales

From the increased texture and enhanced colour to the reduced fat and calories, the OilChef offers several benefits that can increase your food sales. Customers will instantly notice how your food stands out from conventional fried food at other restaurants. This in turn will lead to better reviews and more frequent recommendations for your business, increasing sales of your fried foods and other products.

To learn more about the OilChef system and the other equipment we provide, get in touch with the team at Raimac Industries. They can be reached through their online contact form and are ready to help you choose the perfect equipment for your needs.