Why Use Privacy Slats on a Chain Link Fence?

6 Feb 2020 Fencing Products

At Vulcan Metal Works, they know that, even though chain link fencing is a popular and budget-friendly option for defining a property’s boundary, keeping strangers away, and ensuring the safety of a premises, chain link fencing does not always offer the best level of privacy. That is why they always recommend that customers who want to add a little more seclusion to their yard use privacy slats on a chain link fence.

What are Privacy Slats?

Privacy slats are designed to add a subtle beauty to the overall look of a chain link fence, while also ensuring the privacy of your property. Even though they still maintain the overall aesthetic of a chain link fence, privacy slats can be used to help strengthen the core of a property’s boundary by adding an extra level of sturdiness and durability to the fence. In most cases, metal privacy slates tend to provide the best level of privacy. They can also be easily customized to better suit your specific wants and needs.

What are the Benefits of Using Privacy Slats on a Chain Link Fence?

Some of the main benefits of using privacy slats for chain link fencing include:

Wind Protection

Since chain link fences are not designed to withstand heavy wind and rain, adding privacy slats to a chain link fence can add an extra level of support. While this will not guarantee that a chain link fence will be able to remain standing in extreme weather conditions, it will help prevent the fence from being knocked down by strong wind gusts.

Add Colours

Even though chain link fencing can be painted in a range of different colours, painting a chain link fence might not give you with the overall look you want; however, adding privacy slats to a chain link fence will provide a larger surface area, allowing your colour of choice to stand out better.


One of the most obvious benefits of implementing privacy slats with a chain link fence is that they will add an extra level of privacy to your property, preventing strangers from seeing into your yard.

Great for Plants and Hedges

Privacy slats combined with chain link fences can be a great platform for growing hedges and plants. As a result, your property will look greener and more beautiful and will also be safer. Different types of vines can also be grown on the fence, as privacy slats provide excellent support.

If you would like to learn more about why you should use privacy slats on a chain link fence, or if you are interested in their chain link fencing, please contact Vulcan Metal Works at 604-862-5378 or by filling out a contact form on their website.