Why you Should Harness Solar Energy for Your Farm

19 Aug 2021 Solar Power

When it comes to farming and agricultural applications, energy costs can be a massive expenditure. As energy costs continue to rise, solar energy systems have become a popular choice for commercial farming operations. From chicken barns to large-scale dairy farms, operations of all sizes have started to see the benefits of solar energy. As leading providers of commercial electrical systems and solar energy solutions, the team at BNR Electric understands how beneficial the right energy system can be. That is why their team has provided some information outlining why you should harness solar energy for your farm to help you determine if it is the right choice for your needs.

Learn about the main advantages of switching to solar energy.

Benefits of Solar Energy for Farms

Solar energy is a great investment for most farms regardless of their size or area of focus. The benefits of solar energy systems for farms include:

More Control Over Your Energy Costs

A modern solar system can produce anywhere from 20%-100% of the energy required to power all the equipment and lighting systems used on a farm. This drastically reduces your energy costs over time and allows you to produce the amount of power you need with minimal energy loss. Instead of being completely dependent on the grid, a dedicated solar system allows your farm to be more independent so long as the sun is in the sky. As energy costs continue to rise, your costs will stay consistent, making it easy to budget for your monthly/yearly energy expenditures.

A Great Return on Investment

One of the largest benefits of a solar energy system for farms is that they offer a great ROI. Though solar systems require a significant initial investment for the cost of the solar panels and installation, this cost is quickly recovered due to energy savings and government incentives. Solar energy systems allow farms to reduce their energy costs by an average of 50%, saving you money without sacrificing power. These savings will continue to increase as energy costs continue to rise, further increasing ROI. In addition to cost savings, solar systems can potentially expand your growing season, allowing you to produce more goods and increase your yearly revenue.

Minimal Environmental Impact

Solar energy is green and sustainable, allowing you to power your farm while reducing your environmental impact. This sustainability is crucial, as many consumers and companies are looking to purchase from providers that are committed to green initiatives. If you want a system that is great for your bottom line and the environment, look no further than solar power.

To learn more about solar energy systems and how they can enhance your farm, get in touch with the team at BNR Electric. They can be reached at 604-819-7887 and will work with you to deliver the perfect energy solution for your precise needs.