Will I get in Trouble if I do not Segregate My Waste?

21 Nov 2019 Waste Disposal

It is completely natural to wonder what the consequences might be of not properly segregating waste. At Onestop Disposal, it is common for us to be faced with the question “Will I get in trouble if I do not segregate my waste?” and we understand that it is normal to be curious about the reasons for proper waste disposal.

What Will Happen if I do not Organize My Waste?

Currently, the consequences for not segregating waste in Canada come from the waste collectors themselves, and not the federal government. This means that each municipality and company is responsible for enforcing laws regarding the segregation of waste, so you could receive fines, terminated services, or simply a reprimand for lazy garbage practices depending on where you live.

Although it is important to know the immediate consequences of not segregating waste, the long-term repercussions of poor waste disposal practices go much deeper than receiving a fine. Although it may seem as though your household garbage might not make a big difference in the grand scheme of things, every bit of unnecessary trash that goes to a landfill adds up. When things that could have been recycled are thrown into the garbage, they usually either break down and contaminate the land or they do not break down at all and they take up space and cause the landfill to grow exponentially. When garbage that does not belong in recycling is improperly disposed of, it can contaminate the rest of the recycling and make it unusable.

Why Segregate Waste?

The main incentive for segregating waste should not be whether or not you will receive a fine or get in trouble. Instead, take a look at the consequences of not segregating waste and weigh them against the benefits of doing so as a collective society. When waste is not segregated, it can accumulate in landfills to a massive quantity, which eventually causes land pollution and can release hazardous toxins into the ground. When we segregate our waste, we allow organic materials to break down properly and provide benefits to the environment, we recycle whenever possible, and we minimize pollution.

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