Do Wills Need to be Notarized in British Columbia?

5 Sep 2019 Notary Public

It is extremely important to have a will that is legally binding to ensure that your wishes for your family and property are carried out after you pass on. If you die without a will, your property will be divided according to BC law, so it is vital to ensure that your will is properly written and legal. At Sidhu & Associates, we frequently get asked the question “do wills need to be notarized in British Columbia?” and we can help guide clients through this difficult process. We specialize in notary services that include will writing and other forms of legal documentation.

Are Wills Legal if they are not Notarized?

In order to be recognized as legally binding in British Columbia, a will must meet several requirements; however, being notarized is not one of these requirements. A will must be signed by several witnesses who are not beneficiaries, it must be signed by the will-maker, and it must be written out explicitly. Although a will can be legal without notarization, it is extremely beneficial to have the will notarized. A notary public will be able to tell you if your will is written in such a way that it will not cause difficulty for your heirs, as wording can be confusing and any subjectivity in a will can necessitate the involvement of outside forces.

Will Notarization in British Columbia

The main incentive for people to write their own will rather than rely on the help of an experienced notary public to write the will for them is usually to save money. In most cases, it is less expensive in the moment to write your own will. Despite the temporary savings that can be gained from writing your own will, the long-term difficulties for yourself and your heirs can easily outweigh the short-term benefits. If the wording in your will is at all confusing or indirect, it can result in your wishes not being carried out properly. A notary public can help to ensure that the will is clear and legally binding so that you can have peace of mind that your end-of-life wishes are honoured.

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