Wire Fencing vs Wooden Board Fencing

10 Sep 2020 Farm Fencing

If you have a farm or acreage and you need to set up a fence around it, it can be helpful to know the differences and comparative benefits of wire fencing and wooden board fencing. There are many good reasons to use either material when building a fence, so make sure that you talk to a fencing expert, like the ones at Edge Wholesale Direct, before getting started on your fence construction to ensure you have the solution best suited to your needs.

Should I Use Wood Board Fencing or Wire Fencing?

Before purchasing your fencing materials, there are a variety of things to consider about what you should use to build your fence. Knowing what you are trying to keep in or out of the property is vital, as not every type of fence material is suited to containing every type of animal. It is also good to look at prices, how much maintenance is required for the fence, and the type of property the fence is being installed on.

Why Use Wooden Board Fencing?

Wooden board fencing is easy to install, easy to repair, and easy on the eyes solution for fencing. It has great aesthetic value for properties that are trying to make a good impression on guests or passersby. If you are raising large animals that like to run fast and might not be able to see wire fencing, wooden board fencing is one of the best options. One of the main issues with wooden board fencing is that it allows for animals to easily climb over or crawl under it, meaning that it is only really a secure option for larger animals that can protect themselves. This problem can often be solved by overlaying the wooden board fencing with wire mesh fencing.

The Benefits of Wire Fencing

There is a massive range of types of wire fencing. Tensile wire, wire mesh, and barbed wire are just a few of the types of wire fencing that can be used to protect property. All of the different types of fencing can be used individually and affordably, and they can be mixed with other types of fencing to create customized solutions. Wire fencing is extremely durable, meaning that it rarely requires maintenance and, when it does, it can usually be fixed with common tools and minimal effort.

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